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All Of The Emotions | Nastasha & Christian's Wedding in Toronto

It was an emotional day.

For Christian and Nastasha, but also the entire list of guests present at the Church ceremony.

Nastasha and Christian found each other when they both found their faith and from then on the bond for both began. Which one is stronger, I am not sure.

From the moment he saw her walking down the very long isle, the emotions were released and never withdrawn, nor should they have been. Wedding days are incredibly personal, not only because of the couple and their vows to each other, but because of the moments they create and share together on their wedding day. Nastasha and Christian had their day planned perfectly to reflect the things and people they loved most. From their friends and siblings singing during their ceremony in their church to the home video their father's made together to share at the reception. Their entire wedding day was full of emotions, love and laughter, isn't that what your wedding day should be all about.


Thank you Nastasha and Christian for allowing me to capture all of these emotions, the laughs, the love and the memories made together.

Congratulations again Nastasha and Christian.

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