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She is off limits | Emily & Corey's Wedding at The Doctor's House

Not anymore.

Corey and Emily met when Emily was visiting her sister Alyssa in Calgary. Where Alyssa's boyfriend was also hosting visitors, one of which happened to be Corey. And Alyssa had only one rule for Corey, to not hit on Emily.

We are all so glad Corey didn't listen to Alyssa.

These two are BEST FRIENDS. Corey truly knows how to support Emily and Emily is Corey's biggest support as well. Isn't that what best friends are for?

I've known Emily for 3 years when it came time to start looking for her vendors for her wedding, and right away we started chatting about having me there as her photographer, but she was torn because she also wanted me there as her friend. I explained I could do both, but Emily wanted to make sure I was there to have a good time, but any good wedding photographer knows that you can do both and do both well!

So as we came closer to the wedding date, Emily and Corey decided they wanted me there alongside their primary photographer, who also happened to be a friend of Corey's. So it was going to be a GREAT day full of friends capturing some amazing love.

We began our day a part, I was with Emily and the ladies as they ate their Mcdonald's and sipped on Champagne, the perfect pairing right?! Then we headed to Centennial Gardens, where Emily's parents actually spent the afternoon of their wedding day taking portraits. It was the perfect way to bring something some special into their own day without taking away from their parents.

After our first look, which was THE BEST reaction from both the Bride and Groom, checking each other out, we headed to the Doctor's House for their quaint Chapel ceremony.

Once at the Chapel, we all huddled into the small room below the chapel and on the way to the reception, it was the perfect spot to regroup and keep our belongings. Such a great place for their belongings that the Best Man forgot the rings in this room when the groom asked for them during the Ceremony. So you BET I ran my way to the room to hunt for the rings, but don't worry, I found them in record time to keep the wedding moving foward so we could all celebrate together.

After the rings were exchanged, and a kiss was had, one of now many as a married couple, Emily and Corey rang the bell of the Chapel and began their celebrations.


As we headed to the reception, my job as the second shooter was almost done. We captured a few more portraits of the couple on the stunning grounds of the Doctors House and I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening as more of a guest than a photographer. BUT you bet I still got up for the moments of importance for the couple. Some of these included the BEST bridal party entrances I have ever witnessed to an epic dance battle and shots shots shots.

To the Bride & Groom:

You two melt my heart.

From the day I met my "twin" at work to the moment I watched you both say "I do" I have been inspired by your love to be the best for each other. Don't ever quit.

Love you both and see you and your fluffer soon!

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