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You Are A Legend | Suzie & Jeff's Wedding At The Estate

Jeff proclaims to his friends about his now wife, Suzie!

Oh these two are dream boats, not only because they are both stunning, but because they have the BIGGEST hearts. They make everyone feel like the most important person in the world, individually. How is that even possible? Well it is with these two.

I have known Suzie for 3+ years after working together at Life Time, a fitness club where Suzie taught Yoga and I took photographs for. She has been such an incredible woman from teaching the BEST classes in the company to teaching people how to become their best selves. So when she and Jeff asked me to be their wedding photographer, you bet I screeched at the thought and said ABSOLUTELY YES.


Suzie and Jeff are the sweetest humans, so you could imagine they have quite a few friends. So to ensure they had a day about the love between the two of them, still celebrated with friends and family, they invited their closest friends and family. After Suzie had already been in more weddings than she could count, she and Jeff decided it would be best if they were the only ones standing for their ceremony. Not that they didn't want their closest friends up there with them, but they wanted to ensure they could include everyone on the special moments, so instead of cutting a few, they asked everyone to be seated together for their ceremony. Which I adored. It allowed everyone to focus on them for their beverage inclusive ceremony and all the portraits afterwards.

The wedding was ALL outdoors at the Harding Waterfront Estate in Mississuaga and was perfect for the pair. From the outdoor ceremony lined with trees to the waterfront portrait session in the afternoon. There were lawn games, quick speeches and lots of food and even an ice cream truck!! It was the perfect way to celebrate the love between Suzie and Jeff without conforming to all of the wedding norms.

These two are something special, and their day was even more special.

To the Bride & Groom:

Thank you.

For trusting me to be the best person to capture your day, your way.

You are both such increidbly loving humans. Loving life, each other and those around you.

Go love your baby Cole and continue to love each other more and more every single day.

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