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Just The Right Amount of Weird | Kaitlin & Simon's Engagement Adventure At Scenic Caves

They are the PERFECT amount of weird for each other and I loved every moment of capturing their weirdness together. I cannot wait for their wedding day!

Kaitlin and Simon are two of the sweetest, most gentle humans who have such an appetite for living life with some serious spunk. What the heck does that mean? It means when I say be you in their photos, they do a t-rex walk and waddle together, laughing and just enjoying each other whole heartedly. Serious spunk, right?

These two met when Simon became Kaitlins personal trainer at the gym. From there, their love for health sparked their love for each other and they became inseparable.

So how the heck did Kaitlin and I connect? We met when our mutual friend Shelby began working with me for her business and Kaitlin and I connected immediately. I guess our level of weirdness is pretty similar as well and I am so glad it is. Shortly after we connected, Simon asked Kaitlin to marry him and Kaitlin knew immediately she needed to reach out to have me capture their engagement and then soon after we discussed their wedding! Thi

s was a slightly different process for me as I usually book the wedding and then the engagement shoot comes with the package, but I am actually thrilled we went with the engagement shoot first. Kaitlin, Simon and I were able to all get together and go on an amazing snow shoeing adventure where Simon used to work and guide people on their adventures. It was something that brought us all closer together and even allowed us to have our own inside jokes and just truly find out if I was the right fit for these two as their wedding photographer and even a friend!

Which if you guessed it, we are the absolute right fit and I cannot wait to celebrate with their families and friends this October when Kaitlin and Simon exchange rings, talk about their love and lust for each other and then celebrate by partying all night long.

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