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No Longer Single! | Julia & Drew's Wedding at Whistle Bear

Julia and Drew met at a wedding where Julia made a speech and at the end proclaimed her singleness. Little did she know, it would end that very evening.

After Drew heard Julia's proclamation, he made to sure to approach Julia that evening and from there, they were inseparable.

As Julia and Drew began the planning for their wedding, they were thinking about how the speeches would go, little did they know that every speech would comment on this very speech and how it brought them together. Every. Single. Speech. Even their very own.

As the day began, we hit a few hiccups, like the Limo company calling in while Julia was mid makeup to inform her that they could not take the ladies to the venue. Any other bride probably would have handled it differently, but not Julia. With the calmest voice and demeanour, she thanked the company for their communication and the ladies began looking for alternative solutions. Julia truly is a unique woman, from handling situations with grace to making every single person in the room feel loved and important, especially Drew's daughter Danya. She treats her like her own, but with the most loving and compassionate, far from the over bearing way. So it was truly special to have Danya in the Bridal party for all of these amazing moments and memories.

After the limo issue was resolved, we finished the home festivities and headed to the venue for the ceremony, where Julia and Drew weren't to see each other until she walked down the isle. And for good reason. Julia knew Drew would be emotional and wow was he ever when he saw his stunning soon-to-be wife walking towards him. See the images below for the best reaction.

As they said their vows to each other, Julia gifted Danya with a necklace to ensure Danya knew her commitment not only to Drew, her father, but to her and then everyone was crying, yes even I was behind my camera. What a beautiful moment to share together as a newly formed family.

THEN, they said I DO and we all partied for the rest of the evening.

I could go on for days about this wedding, but instead, take a look at the images below to see how it all went down!

I cannot say enough about how incredible Julia and Drew's wedding day was. Everything was planned to the tee, even Julia's last washroom break. Not kidding. She had it all down to the minute. She hired THE BEST vendors to support her, her husband and her family on this incredible day. From the venue to the flower install at her head table to the best videography team.


It is difficult to share only a few from their wedding, but here are some of the best moments from Julia & Drew's Wedding Day at Whistle Bear Golf Club. From ripping golf carts around the forest to taking over the venue where we weren't suppose to be, this wedding was full of so much laughter, love and THE BEST HUGS EVER.

To the Bride & Groom:

Thank you for allowing me into your lives from your wedding day to helping capture some amazing content for the D.E Customs social media and website. I adore the passion you both have in your lives for each other and your work. You are truly an inspiration and the best teammates.

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